How to Have Free Internet Access

free-internet-accessHigh broadband or DSL Internet is really costly that not everyone is able to afford it especially people with significant limited budget. However, there are always other alternatives available for low-income households that still use internet services. Thus, here are several tips that will help you to get limited dial-up internet access you can afford.

First of all, gathering information is important. Thus, you can contact the local services office in your area and ask them to give you adequate information regarding companies or non-profit organizations that might provide the free internet services to low-income people in your close area.

Also, you can check if there are cable companies and charities that offer you free internet services which cover the nearby public housing where people who cannot afford the expensive broadband internet services can enjoy this easy access. This can be a great benefit for most low-income households.

Furthermore, it is suggested for you to try another option to get free dial-up internet access which is by signing up for NetZero or Juno. Specifically, you will be provided with free plans that include up to 10 hours on internet services time every month. As additional information, you will be charged a per-minute free when calling the technical support. You should ensure that you can dial in to a local number or you have an unlimited long-distance plan on your phone.

Besides the low-cost dial-up NetZero and Juno, the last hint to get free internet services is by going to the area that provides you free Wi-Fi and bring your laptop that is equipped with wireless connection.