How to Backup Your Facebook Account

Backing up all kind of data sometimes is needed by people to ensure the owners that their data have second plan; so whenever something bad happens, you will still have the copy. To backup, you need another place to save it so that when the first place is under damage which threaten the data, you will not worry that the second will be affected too.

Lately, Facebook, one of the most outstanding social network sites, is to be the primary place for certain people to keep their data such as video, photo, and other data that they need to be spread. There are many purposes why data place over there. Some people want to share their private data to their friends wherever they located. Some others use Facebook for certain business activity whereas they market their own product to be sold to their friends on Facebook. Nowadays, it is proven that social networking site include Facebook was to be one of the effective ways to do marketing activity.

If you are among the kind of people who utilize social networking site to save important data such as Video, Photos, note and all other data have been ever uploaded on your account in your Facebook, you need to back up it. There is a simple way how to back up your all data by several following steps below. By backing up your data on facebook, you will be allowed to open your Facebook account in offline; so whenever your account gets suspended, it is not problem for you.

Here are the steps that are very easy to follow:

  • backup-facebook-accountMake sure that you use your valid email account.
  • Login into your Facebook account with your User ID and Password.
  • Access the menu Account – Settings
  • In the Setting Tab, there is “Download Your Information”, then click and keep learning carefully completely.
  • Then it will be shown “Download Your Information” page. At the “Password Verification” re-enter your own account password.
  • After your password has been verified, you will be presented the page for downloading it. Click such green bar.
  • Next process, you will be given information to open your email. Facebook server need a couple hours to prepare all of data on your account, depending on the large of data existed.
  • After have been ready, Facebook will give the notification through your email. Thus, check your email for several hours later to get a link to download the backup Facebook account. File sent in the compressed form on Unzip file. You will find a folder appropriate with your User ID in the Facebook. There are several folder and a file named “Index.html”. Open the file through whatever browser and you will see your facebook account on offline. That’s all.

Just keep your data by this backup the data way to get complete convenience in Surfing. In that way, you will get many benefits from it nevertheless there is no risk to you that must be faced later. Let’s fun with Facebook and utilize it for your necessity wisely.