What to Look for While Buying a Smartphone for Mobile Gaming

Do you love playing games on your mobile phone? Well, you are not alone. With large screens and high resolution graphics, mobile phones today offer a rich gaming experience comparable to that of your gaming console at home. However, just like computers, smartphones too come in different configurations and not all of them deliver the same level of satisfaction. There are several things like screen size, resolution, RAM, sound quality, storage, processor, etc. you should look for while buying a mobile phone for gaming. Here are some major elements to check for a great gaming experience.


Screen Size

Screen size of a mobile phone is measured diagonally and the rule of thumb is – bigger the better. Though the actual size depends upon your budget and preference, anything above 5 inches should be good to go. Screen resolution in pixels may range from 800×480 to 2560×1440. Something like Google Nexus 6 or Nokia Lumia 1520 would be a solid choice in terms of screen size.


Your smartphone needs to have a powerful processor or CPU to give you a seamless gaming experience. A fast processor speeds up the performance of your phone allowing you to smoothly browse through menus, run the apps and perform other functions. A processor’s speed is indicated through the number of computing cores it contains. Also, the newer processors are more efficient and give higher life to your phone batteries, compared to their old counterparts.


All the advanced features of your phone are no good if the battery is too tired to power your game. Capacity of a phone battery usually ranges from 1,700 mAh to 3,500 mAh but you’d get a better idea in terms of talk time or standby time. So, put together all the bits and pieces of information and try to figure out how long you can play on your mobile without having to plug in the charger.


GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is perhaps the most ignored feature of a mobile phone. However, its importance in mobile gaming cannot be overemphasized. Gaming without high quality visuals is not much fun and that’s where GPU comes in. GPU hardware of your phone should not only meet your expectations in terms of performance but it should also have a good lifespan. For gaming, I’d suggest you go for Adreno 225 or higher GPU, or PowerVR SGX543 MP2 or higher.

Other Considerations

Apart from the above, also consider the following elements:

  • RAM: 2GB or higher
  • Inbuilt Memory: 4GB or higher
  • Connectivity: 3G (or better), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • High quality speaker with crisp sound

That’s it. A phone with these features will also allow you to play roulette and all types of card games like blackjack through secure online casino platforms . So, go ahead and enjoy the games you love but make sure you don’t get addicted!